Iím a keen user of both Film and Digital photography, using a Nikon F100, Fm2, Bronica and Yashica Mat for film, then a Fuji S3 for Digital.
Selecting the best media for the job and not getting pigeon holed in to one format is the only way to shoot; I feel some images will only work in certain ways.
I only work with natural light or when in the studio a basic tungsten lamp to help aid shadow detail.
I avoid flash, as itís never really produced the feel Iím trying to get and Iím always trying to get to an image that the human eye will see and not what the camera wants it to see.

My studio darkroom is equipped with the latest Black & White and Colour film printing equipment, as well as two Epson A3+ professional printers for all my digital work.
I print all my own Black and White film work, but most of the exhibition colour shots are sent away to be professionally ciba-chrome printed. I also print digitally in my studio but again at times I use ciba-chrome here as well. BPD Phototech in Cheshire is trusted with this and there work for my exhibition prints has been faultless.
The digital prints are guaranteed for one hundred years plus, as I use only the highest quality paper and inks.